Compliments to this site's admin and mods and users :)


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I've been reading through this site and I have to say I am so impressed with it! It really seems like problems with "trolls" and the like are few, far between, and dealt with in a quick and fair manner, and that all of the real users of this site are genuinely cool people!

I laughed when I read that a few months ago, someone got banned for sending inappropriately explicit unasked for PMs...because the last place I tried online...a general chat billed as "100% clean chat" brought me about five of those every time I signed on...even though it says in my profile that I am not at all interested in that kind of talk...even in private.

And on another site...this one for a health problem...a 46 yr old male member seemed very nice...until I found out he was engaged and later married in the same week that I met two of his "girlfriends" of them being a 16 year old girl. (Yes, I turned that in to a cybercrime group that contacts the appropriate authorities) and I also reported it to the site. Unfortunately, the site administrators became angry at ME for suggesting their site wasn't perfect and allowed him to come right back and talk to more women!

And then there are the sites that allow two people to take it over and push their own agendas..or start bullying others..grrrr...

I'd like so see someone try ANYTHING like any of those things here! :)

Since I joined this site, I have had nothing but people going out of their way to support me in learning belly dance and be completely friendly and kind.

Love you guys! :cool:


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i had sites i had been bullied on. lol one depression body image site took tons of my post and allowed some little rich brat that did beauty pageants copy and paste my story and say it was hers in a book. then they blocked me from the site. lol

I like Belly dance forums to


Thanks so much! Especially to all the moderators who are on point and keeping things rolling smoothly. We are not always totally skirmish free but we try to be :)

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Thanks so much! Especially to all the moderators who are on point and keeping things rolling smoothly. We are not always totally skirmish free but we try to be :)
No, but you could be the poster child for how some other fora should behave :clap:


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Rania...that is awful...the sites I had the most problems with were depression sites too...some sites get so "cliquish" that there are some people who can do no wrong on the site, no matter what they do...and they become a sort of "online hangout" for one little crowd who is out to preserve their little spot even if it's at the expense of some of the other people who need it. That site probably didn't like it that you spoke up when one of the "in crowd" did something wrong....nor did they like it that you noted plagarism was happening on their site.

I like the overall atmosphere and mood here too....people post serious things, light notes, on topic, off topic...there's a nice variety.


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Oooh how sweet of you to say so :)
Salome has set a very good tone and some guidelines for us mods and I know we all try to follow in the best way we can. There have been trolls, allright, and other strange beings, and we have moved threads to the wrong place and been too slow in reacting to abusive behaviour, but generally it seems to work fine.

The forum-users are mostly just bringing loads of joy into my life :)


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Salome and OD rocks!!

I like this forum a lot because we have so many users from all over the world. You don't JUST get the American or British perspective like you do on a lot of other forums.

HUGS back to ya!


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Great group of people here & our Salome is one special Lady. What can I say but, Yep! this is one fantabulous forum ..... I'm not biased .... never!;)


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That is really nice LadyLoba, and we're happy to have you as well! I agree with Cheart, this is like a second home. I see you guys more often than I see some of my familymembers :lol:


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My online hangout

There is a forum for my area that I admin, but it's only a couple days nobody joined yet....and I just like the people here :):) That's why "me and Jersey" stick around..

Well...Jersey in photos only...if he were in here in "person" (in cat???) as I typed...he'd be walking on the keyboard....and if he joined me while I danced...I'd trip over him and break my leg...he weaves through feet.


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:lol: They always walk on the keyboard! What's up with that?! Can't those cat-creatures stand that we are looking at something other than them for a while?


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Well, NO. :rolleyes: How long have you had a cat that you don't know this? :lol:

I'm just grateful the horses live outside.


LOL Shanazel!

My cats are not allowed on my computer, next to the computer yes, on the computer no!

Of course this is the best forum ;P It's very important to keep things well moderated, it makes such a difference. I believe that it attracts less trolls too, because they know they cant get away with it, so they go to other forums.