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Hi Everyone

How did I get here?

Well me and a friend of mine from an SA group (social anxiety) were talking about how cool bellydancing was, and jokingly said we should join a bellydancing club.

Since we both stay indoors a lot, and isolated, everything is kinda online till we recover. We both appreciate the dances very much, and they cheer us up in our times of great sufferring.

Ummmmmmmmmmmmm, i think he's on here. Not sure his user name. Maybe...Darkheart

Anyways, I send my love and respect, and I'm really happy to be a part of something cool :p
I hope one day I can see a live performance, once I am not afraid to get back out there

I'm Johnny. Just a bellydancing fan. :dance:


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Welcome to the forum, hope you have a speedy recovery & can find your way to a class. In the meantime carry on with online learning


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Welcome, welcome!

Belly Dancers as a group are some of the most warm, caring, kind, accepting, and considerate people I've every encountered. Enjoy your stay with us...