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An dear friend of my husbands is in the high risk category and came down with CoVid. He's recovering nicely. His elderly mother he lives with isn't. There is literally nothing they can do for her and we are just waiting on the call that she has passed. I would like to ask if those of you who pray could spare a thought for his family at this time. Thanks.
So, the more news that comes out about what the Chinese government has done the more angry I’m becoming.

  • There’s a growing belief that the virus came out of one of their labs in Wuhan that just wasn’t taking proper security measures.
  • The government shut up their own drs who spoke up initially, covered it up letting it out of the country, all while claiming that it couldn’t be passed person to person.
  • They got the WHO to back them up and announce that it wasn’t anything to worry about even when Taiwan was saying otherwise. (This isn’t a slam on the WHO, just their current president whose campaign was paid for by, guess who, China.)
  • They’re paying money to the families in Wuhan who’ve had members die so they won’t talk to anyone about what really is happening there. Even though everyone knows they’re lying about their numbers of both infected and fatalities.
  • And now we find out that at the same time they were telling the world “nothing to see here“ they stopped the export of PPE (N95 respirator masks, gloves, goggles, etc.) manufactured in their country (3M and Honeywell) while buying up everything they could get on the world market.

We’re talking more then two billion items. And then they had the audacity to try and come across as all humanitarian by manufacturing their own “emergency supplies” of COVID-19 test kits and N95-like masks which they shipped by the millions to countries that were the hardest hit only for their products to be defective causing mass recalls on the masks and a failures rate of 70-80% on the tests.

What kind of person goes, “hey, looks like we have another SARs outbreak. Let’s hide that it came from us rather then doing something about it. Oh, and while we’re at it I wonder if we can make a profit?” It’s either that or at the same time they were lying to the world and NOT closing their border they actually NEEDED those billions of products for themselves which only makes their denial just that much more damning for not quarantining themselves.

[edit: Or they're using it to leverage for world power considering I just read that China told France they would give France the 1 billion masks they asked for if they "implement 5G with Huawei". I'm sure the tech geeks here can tell the rest of us what kind of advantage/control that would give China over countries that comply. So the tactic seems to be horde the world supply then demand money or concessions in return for the products needed to SAVE LIVES. There is something seriously wrong with the government in China. ]

... I guess that’s my rant for today. I just felt the need to get it out. Please go on.

In personal news I’m spending today making cloth masks for my entire extended family since there is new evidence that CoVID19 can be passed just by breathing on or talking to someone so there is now a voluntary order for people to wear cloth masks any time they’re in public just in case they’re carriers and don’t know it. Anyone want pictures when I’m done?
thanks for telling me about this, but no one is protected from this and we should only take care of our health

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What I've seen- grandchildren's other grandmother dx w/ COVID-19 pneumonia, then hospitalized. Had five (5!) strokes, lived, currently resides in rehab facility. Decision has yet to be made whether she will go to a nursing home (long term care facility). She's my age, 56 years old. Surviving COVID-19 doesn't necessarily mean thriving. (Adding- grandma didn't leave her property until the ambulance came for her. Her daughter refuses to wear a mask; her daughter isn't the one whose life has been forever negatively impacted.) That's my observation and all I'll say on the subject.

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Now we have a mutated virus-terrific. I hope this vaccine helps with that too. And I have to work at the office, and some of us are continually fighting for safety to be observed. It's coming down here in Chicago a little bit but it's because people aren't going out and many businesses are closed.


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Husband has recovered from covid; spent two nights in the hospital. I am on the mend as well; residual weakness is the most annoying problem at this point. This is not fun stuff.
... But I only stopped checking the forum for a few days! (Maybe a week.)

Oh Shanazel, I hope you are both doing better.

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I will tell you that I have observed a lot about human behavior during this pandemic, and some behaviors have left me very disillusioned, while others have raised my faith in some people. I don't think I will ever have the same attitude towards the people who were so obviously inconsiderate of being in this together. I work at a place that requires us to come in while the "privileged" people get to stay home. And these same "privileged" people cry out about their own safety while they jet off to places here and there, and then don't see why they have to quarantine. I've been the big mouth on this, demanding that my job provide me with a safe environment, as they are obviously required to do so, since their attitude about working is so archaic.


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We're better, Ariadne. Even once the virus is neutralized, some of the problems persist. We have a couple of good days followed by a couple of days of renewed coughing and weakness. The college closed the museum for three weeks which means substantial loss of income, even though I can do some work from home. We were also closed in the spring though at that time I had a project that could be done from home and so didn't lose so much income. My co-worker was hit harder than I was since she does far less writing and it's hard for her to work from home. I have little patience with those who want to proclaim their superiority by refusing to take the minor precaution of wearing a mask. My daughter is a detective, my son is a fire fighter, daughter-in-law ER staff, son-in-law transportation. All have been working in highly exposed positions all year.


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I'm glad you're better and sorry you're still dealing with the after effects. Thank you for letting me know, I've been worried.