Farasha Hanem

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:( Nooooooooo, during the last 15 minutes of my lunch break, I noticed a pm from Daimona. Apparently, I accidentally hit "Dislike" on one of Annetta's posts on hip moves, or hip work, or hip SOMETHING. I remember a few nights ago, I read one of her posts, and went to hot "Like," but I guess I hit DISlike! :( I wasn't wearing my glasses, because I was in bed, on my phone. :( So I tried to reply to Daumona's pm, but I had too many messages. SOOOOOOOOOOO, I tried deleting a few messages hurriedly (because I had to clock back in), and I DELETED her message, AND my reply! :( So I hurried up to come here to explain that I didn't mean to hit "Dislike," but it was time for me to go back to the sales floor! :( I'm SO sorry, Annetta and Daimona! :(

Please note, everyone, if I post or do something totally STUPID, it's probably because I'm not wearing glasses. :(

:wall: :wall: :wall:

I'm going to go crawl under a rock now and DIE of embarrassment... >.>;;; -_-


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i just hope I didn't hurt Annetta's feelings. :( I really like her, and enjoy her posts.

Farasha Hanem, dont worry! :) I didnt take it personally and I wasnt annoyed at all!!
And I totally understand you: I often do typos, I am not familiar with forums and my English are bad, so I am always afraid that I might hit the wrong buttons or be misunderstood!

P.S. Happy to know that someone likes and enjoys my posts! <3


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Oh I feel your pain Farasha. The combination of teeny tiny buttons on a small touchscreen that's sometimes a bit slow, and not having reading glasses, and no Are You Sure? option is an accident waiting to happen. I knew where I was with a nice clunky keyboard and a mouse.