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do you cross train in other dance styles?

I am mostly into Egyptian raks sharqi and folk dances. I have tried cross training in American Cabaret, but I just can't bring myself to do it.

I am curious, for other Egyptian Raks lovers, what has been your favorite dancing style to cross train?

Farasha Hanem

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I started out in American Cabaret, and even took a few Tribal classes. I have to admit my love for props such as Isis wings and fan veils, but my heart lies with Egyptian improv.

EDIT: I probably should clarify that it wasn't a matter of deliberately "cross-training," but rather one of what was available to me locally.
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I've done a bit of ATS, but it wasn't deliberate cross training, since when I started out I just had no idea what the different styles were. I also did contemporary dance for about a year, which I really enjoyed. Recently, I have joined a morris side, because I was interested to learn about English folk traditions having spent so much time learning about Egyptian ones ;) I can't say it helps that much with my bellydance technique, but it's good for my cardio fitness!


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I'm far too disorganised to cross train on purpose, unless you count a bit of zumba purely for the cardio. Which I won't because it's bouncing around getting sweaty, not a dance style...

I did some tribal fusion for a bit which was punishing, very good for the ab control, but made me miss belly dance far too much. I'd like to do adult ballet but suspect it would be a terrible cross train for me because 40 year old ballet still leaks into my belly dance at moments of stress- this would make it worse, surely - and the belly dance would take its revenge by leaking back into the ballet.


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I have actually enjoyed some of the tribal fusion classes on

I would love to learn modern dance one day. it sounds like fun. I don't have a ballet body but would consider ballet for adults. if my knees/legs were better.

but thanx. i'm mullling around more ideas in my head.

bomu samba

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I took a while to figure out styles so studied ATS, Suhaila fornat and Hilal style raqs sharqi before finding my current teacher and focusing on Egyptian.

I do cross-train on purpose these days! I sometimes do some tribal and fusion and I take Moroccan workshops as often as possible. Earlier this year I did some contempary and ballet classes as part of a wellbeing scheme run by my local council. I was a complete newbie and have some knee issues, but my classes were really enjoyable. And the classes helped me feel more confident about travelling and taking up space in my BD practice.