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Suzanne Azhaar

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It's been a while since I've performed, unsure what current fashions are, or where to look.

Looked at Dahlal International,, and Bella. (Meh...shoulder shrug.) Pinterest had a couple lovelies.

Prefer a vintage look (add large stones for reflection). Are there costume sites I haven't mentioned (with good credentials)?

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You've named the big three. The only other two I'm familiar with is Turquoise International and Sharif Wear. I've never purchased from either. If you don't mind providing your own shinys there's also L. Rose Designs. There used to be a lot of little nice shops but with the fad wearing off most of them have dried up.

For figuring out what is current though I tend to just go see with the big name dancers are wearing. Sarah Skinner always has interesting ones she makes herself ( and Michelle Joyce currently, I think, is wearing custom Bella's. The question is what dancers are your favorites? My favorite is Ruby Beh and it looks like she... yep, Bella's.

Suzanne Azhaar

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Ruby looks beautiful in Bella. Had forgotten about Sarah Skinner. Love her unique designs / costumes. They fit her personality so well. Her Bi-metal coin costume is dreamy.

Greek Bonfire

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You may be able to "cheat" if you are good with alterations. I have bought stuff from and, and have "brought them up" to look more professional.


Apart from shopping sites, a great way to keep tab on the latest trends is an active Pinterest and Youtube account. That way you can see the latest and greatest as fast as fans can upload them.