Dancers in CA, and with webpresence please read this:

samira shuruk

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A man on was using tribe to get chummy with dancers and using the internet to get their personal info. There's a whole lot more to it, but here a link to a page with pics and info.
He has been unsubscribed from both and myspace. Many dancers feel he is a threat.

He name drops to make it seem like he actually knows people. He uses information gleaned from websites to make it seem like he is friends with them. He bought his drum between 6 and 8 weeks ago and is out trying to get gigs.
Please be careful


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You might want to report him to America's most wanted criminals or your local police, authorities in CA are looking for a criminal who have raped and killed more than 50 women since the 70s, he had lived all over CA, but he has been able to elude the police and they don't even have a picture of his face, they have a profile of a white male that might be over 50 years old now.
The cases had fallen into the cold case files and now they are trying to find a lead that might help them solve these. I saw it on TV, I think the program is called Cold Case Files or something like that.

Police might want to investigate him, who knows, I would report him if I had the opportunity.



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I believe there are several people working on gathering the "paper trail" up to take to the proper authorities.