Dancing after knee surgery


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I've had 2 knee surgeries in 3 months. My last one being in the middle of January. Now I had a torn meniscus and my mcl ligament tore in the back of the leg, towards my hamstring.

oh boy.

Its been 2 months since my last surgery. I am still recovering and slowly getting stronger and stronger everyday.

Does anyone have any good advice on progressing and starting back up in the dance? I've been doing some dance drillz, but its like I have to learn how to dance all over again.


The hardest thing will be giving it enough time to heal. The temptation will be "It's feeling pretty good ... I think I can try ".
But because of the nature of dance it's easy to take it to far and put to much stress on your knee.... and now you are back further than you were just after your operation.... resist the temptation... work with your physiotherapist.... the extra month you delay might be huge..


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well damn a little too late for that, and I have noticed extra pain from dancing soooo, i am cutting myself off from dancing for now. nothing but dance drillz and dance fitness dvds for now. Just to get those muscles and strength back.


Oh my.

You already know how to dance, so find yourself a swimming pool where you can hold on to the edge while barely touching the bottom. The water will provide resistance without putting strain on your knees. Focus on drilling core driven hip technique. It will feel a bit awkward in the beginning because you are used to isolate body parts with your feet on the ground and your upper body being free to move along, but it will really get your muscles working.


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right now i'm goin through my dvds to see which ones to start with and go slow. I have no access to a pool, but I have actually found that barre workouts have been very therapeutic for my body