dancing as cardio


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Do you guys do belly dance as your primary cardio? or do you do other forms of cardio, AND bellydance?

how do you balance it all out so that you can train for belly dance without overdoing it?


I don't generally find belly dance to be enough of a cardio workout either. I've done all kinds of things for cardio -- cycling, Zumba class, running, and whatnot. I think it's good to change it up from time to time so you don't get bored.
The key word is intensity, I guess ...

If you cud do something until you pant & gasp for breath, then that wud make it cardio, by my judgement ... Maybe if one ramps it up enough to achieve that kind of intensity, like in hybrid belly rap, or belly hip-hop, or street shaabi, then it is cardio enough, I reckon ... Like in some examples here ...






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I don't find bellydance is great cardio. Yes the occasional dance will get your heart rate up but that is only for a few minutes. you need it raised consistently for more than a couple of minutes at a time. I do weight training but my cardio is reserved not for dance but for jogging, sprinting, tire flips, etc.


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Part of the problem (unless you are doing some folk forms) is that part of your training is to find the least amount of muscle to achieve an effect. So while a beginner will engage lots of muscles at full intensity, a more experienced dancer will fire just what is needed for just as much as needed. This is what gives the look of grace and relaxation. Yes, shimmy too - you should be relaxed when shimmying (thighs and butt should slap and flap).