Dark trunks, light skirt


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Come on, ya sohabi! I'm not writing a blog here. If the forum is ever going to get back to being viable, somebody else has to start a thread.

So the other night, I'm trying to remember that clip of the dancer in the apartment and the woman is singing and the guy downstairs from the singer is playing the piano... something "Hassan" and I'm pretty sure the dancer is Naima Akef. So I start searching for movie clips of "Ya Hassan ya ghouli." Close, but what I wanted was "Min hobi feek, ya gari" by Houreya Hassan from the movie "Ahebak, ya Hassan." (Well, at least I didn't misremember the "Hassan" part.) This...

من حبي فيك يا جاري - حورية حسن

...but I digress. What I wanted to talk about was this video of Hind Rostom dancing to "Ya Hassan ya ghouli" that YouTube suggested.

Wasn't it universally agreed upon that you don't wear dark trunks under thin, light skirts, because...this?

هند رستم @ رقصة على موسيقى اغنية # حسن ياخولي الجنينة ياحسن ياغالي علينا ياحسن

Just no. It looks kinda dumb from the back, and worse from the front. But short of a different skirt (more layers or opaque fabric) or redoing the costume in a different color, how do you fix it? Matching light trunks would look like civilian underwear, and nude trunks would be even more problematic.

I guess if you want to go with a costume like this, you should put some conspicuously facing-upstage choreo early in your performance, so the audience promptly learns what they're (not) seeing.


You're doing beautifully, Tourbeau. It'll take time for traffic to pick back up. Some folks probably have no idea the forum has been revived. I only knew because Zorba notified me.

One could wear an opaque skirt or the equivalent of a bedlah petticoat and avoid the entire issue of the audience trying to decide whether the color of one's underwear is appropriate or not.