DC Dude saying HI!!


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In the DC area and it is a crazy story how I got involved in this. After living overseas in Asia/Europe/Middle East, I came across M/E dancing many times. I sorta learned the improvised dance club moves many guys use in France, but never took it seriously. It is sorta funny that at a wedding in Dubai I had been invited too, guys did a type of belly dance.

Well after being stationed back in the States and getting dumped in the DC area, I lost a bet and went to 2 instructional belly dance classes in Alexandria with a military friend. She was looking to lose weight and get in shape for the physical readiness test. We had so much fun that I finished all 3 classes. This is an introductory and I will later tell how I did this dance at an African American club without getting the crap beat out of me :pray: and got a huge round of applause from the ladies :clap: . AND NOOOO I AM NOT EVEN AS GOOD AS ANY OF YOU ARE!!! ;) You all are fantastic.


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welcome. I started cause a friend needed enough people so the instructor would start a new class. I didn't have alot of choice in it but am throughly addicted to it.......LOL welcome and enjoy


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Welcome Simbul,

Like with everything that happens, there's always a bright side to it..

Looks like you've found it!