Desperately Sending Smoke Signals from Missouri


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Well, not really sure what to say, but here it goes...

Personal Stats:

Name: C.E. *grin*

Age: 26

Location: Somewhere in the Midwest

Hobbies: Collecting tarot decks, making jewelry, reading, writing, and surfing the net.

Marital Status: Happily married to my lover, best friend, and attentive minion *evil grin*

How I got interested in belly dancing: I got to watch a troupe of belly dancers at a renaissance festival, and I was inspired to try it out. I'm considering taking classes, just a bit shy about it at the moment....

Well, that about sums it up for now. =0]


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Hi CE Welcome. I can understand being shy, But once you get into a class, and experience it all including the warm welcome from other students, you won't look back.

Maybe if you have a friend willing to try a class with you, may make it easier to go along? If not take a deep breath and just go:D


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I got bitten by the bd bug just a few months ago. I have never really done anything for myself, husband and daughter always come first, but something inspired me and I enrolled in a class offered by The Place for Women in Toledo. I have gotten a few instructional dvd's and can't wait to learn more for ME! I laugh because my husand gave me a leer when I told him what I was going to do.... and I smiled and said that this wasn't for him..... it was for me.:)

So grab your hip scarf and dive in baby!!!!


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Jump in and go for it! If you need to take someone with you to give you courage, by all means do so - that's what my wife did when she decided to join me in the dance. But as other have said - Belly Dance classes are VERY welcoming places to shy beginners; we all were one at one time!


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Welcome to the forum! And I agree with others - go ahead, and give the classes a try. I am sure you'll love it!


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Great introduction ! Welcome to the board and like the others I say just go for it drag someone with you for support - if you need it- but most BD classes in my experience our friendly places :)