Didem - is this a Turkish move??

In this video, at around the 4.36 mark, Didem does a sort of up-and-down butt quiver.

Is this a Turkish move? We're having a bit of a discussion on Facebook on whether this is a legitimate belly dance move or a variation on the twerk.


It looks like a slightly obscene version of something called an African Shimmy, which is a very subtle up and down shimmy normally performed in an upright position and not with one's butt sticking out for emphasis.

By the way, that ruffle on the back of her skirt deserves a name and a place in the costume lexicon stored elsewhere on the forum. ;)


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Dunno if it's Turkish or not, but too much of it starts to look a bit crossing over into other dance styles IMHO. One quick little shimmy and stick it out there is cheeky, hanging out there is verging into something else entirely.

I was mostly wondering about the skirt though. Definitely a design feature in search of a name. It's like they were trying to accentuate the behind in general but got way too over-focused.


Several names come to mind but all are too graphic and downright rude. I'd blush to write them here. Butt-erfly is the politest I can come up with.

I never have understood why a crowd goes nuts over a sustained shimmy of any kind when they let more subtle and difficult combinations go by without a murmur. I guess the term "subtle" suggests the problem.