"The Veiled Male"
One of my teachers and dance sisters in California has a really nasty stage 4 cancer - pancreatic - that is "holding" for now with chemo/radiation, but she also had a brain tumor (benign) that had to be removed and they've found another one behind her sinuses.

Her name is Didi.

Any, and all prayers, rituals, well wishes, candles, incense, naked dances by moonlight (*very* appropriate for this gal!), 21 gun salutes, etc. would be very much appreciated by her, and would be considered a personal favor by myself. If anyone feels so inclined, her friend started a go fund me page: https://www.gofundme.com/fighting-cancer-with-Didi

You could NOT ask for a nicer person than Didi - this completely SUCKS. I'm really NOT wanting to fly back to California for any reason, much less a funeral...


Sending out my very best and warmest thoughts for Didi's well-being. I'm so sorry to hear your friend is going through such terrible times, Zorba.


"The Veiled Male"
She hid it from most of the dance community for over a year, but finally had to "come out". Goddess Bless her, she's a very warm, loving person and we sure had lots of fun in her classes and performing with her!