Does anyone dance with 5mm half circle veils?


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I am a supplier of silk veils Silk & Bamboo Studio. In 2014 we are about to invent some new items, one of which is 5mm half circle veils. I do see a lot sellers making 5mm half circle veils but one of my dancer friends told me 5mm silk is too thin. To make half circle veils it has to be 8mm. I wonder if anyone actually danced with 5mm half circle veils? Please give me as much as you can. I am not a dancer so i cannot try myself...
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I dance with what are either 5 or 6, forget which - certainly not 8. You need to develop a certain style/technique to dance DV with veils that light - but its certainly doable.


Both are possible to dance with. I've got silk veils in both 8 mm and 5 mm, and certainly prefer something in between. For my taste 8 mm is almost too heavy and 5 mm is too light.


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Hi Perfectfan!!

I've bought your 5 mm veils numerous times now and LOVE them. Wong advised me wonderfully and I have many different colours and combinations. As a dancer who dislikes most veils I must say these have been my very favourite. I love the way they move, how they look in pictures and that with rolled edges, they are even suitable for double veil!!

My students dance with them too after my last order in 2013, and I expect I might be placing another one again within the next 1 or 2 months.

Everyone, shameless plug, but I wholeheartedly recommend buying Perfectfan's silk veils!!

I only have one (I think) 8 mm veil, that I like quite a bit. It being heavier makes it more suitable to do certain veil moves that require speed when transitioning from one move into the other. I however prefer to give a veil some time to move on it's own and love the 5 mm for that.