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Sorry to be late to the discussion - working on our big show here and lots to do! Farasha - I started with a teacher who was barely a beginner herself (though I did not know that at the time - ya don't know what ya don't know)and 8 months later she stopped teaching.

So I moved on to the only other teacher I knew in the area, a very well know tribal fusion dancer/instructor and thought I had found 'my peeps'...then she quit teaching. UGH!

There were only 2 other teachers in the area at the time and I just picked one. Oh my goodness best thing that ever happened to me!! All of a sudden my world opened up. This person is not only a brilliant dancer, and instructor, but a WEALTH of knowledge about the history of dance and multiple styles. She is respected everywhere she goes for her dancing and her knowledge and I cannot BELIEVE how lucky I am to have found her and be working with her.

The world of Tribal Fusion where I thought I had found my place now seems to me so small compared to the rich cultural background and nuances of the folkloric and classical styles I am exploring now. My fusion costuming has been gathering dust for years and I should just sell it. I can't ever think of looking back to a smaller world than the one I have now.

(My very amateur micro-troupe here in the back woods does mostly themed theatrical belly-dance-inspired work, but we are careful to explain what we doing is NOT belly dance per se). My personal performance work is bent toward doing as much justice to Raq Sharqi and the folkloric forms of the dance as I am capable (still a long way to go).

I would say, if you want the to 'just get out and have some fun' with the old troupe, just take it as that, but it is clear to me from your posts that your heart is now in more serious study and knowledge and that is what you should follow. I hope one day we can meet! You're only 17 hours away by car after all! LOL!
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I'm only thirteen hours away. We could have a belly dance party at Farasha's house. Who else is close enough to come? Australia is only 24 hours or so away by airplane. ;)


In that case you can all come visit me. Just wait until I've moved out of the mouse-infested dump first, though!


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Yep! 17 hours. I am in NC, right on the edge of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. I have several friends in OK to whom I owe visits! If I get a car that can drive more than 50 miles without imploding I will do it! LOL