Double Cane!

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Thanks for the clip, DaVid! I have been practicing rolling the cane around my arms and wrists, and am amazed at how he manages to never get caught up in all that fabric draping his body when he rolls them around his back and under his arms. Wow, wow, wow!


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double cane

It is so weird how fire dancing and belly dance intermingle...I have been twirling doubles for about six years and it is quite easy once your brain realises it has two things to do... I find that one arm is weaker than the other ecspecially during a tossing routine and rolling but i am sure you have the hang of it allready well is soo exciting to do something new....


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Damn, somewhere in my computer I have a videoclip with double cane dance by a woman doing saidi, but where is it?:mad: lol
Keeping trying to find it
maria aya


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I had my first double cane lesson today, so I thought I would share my experience with the forum. First of all, it didn't go as poorly as I thought it would. My instructor was great about being patient. AND I never smacked myself in the back of the head. Actually, I only sent the cane flying once.
My brain sometimes has a hard time keeping track of a spinning object moving around me while I'm trying to do hipwork and such. Add another spinning object into the picture... I feel like I'm in my first class thinking really really hard and making funny faces just to do a hip drop. I think that if I keep at practicing lots, eventually I will have to think less about the canes and feel better about what the rest of me is doing.
I'm actually starting to like cane more and more. Has this happened to anyone else? The more I learn the dance, the more I like the feel that accompanies cane. Honestly, when I first started out, I wasn't such a huge cane fan, but I'm getting to like it a whole lot. Any cane junkies out there?
Yea, I'm a cane junkie as I have a very special one. I've taken several cane workshops, including one from some male dancer whose name escapes me at the moment. ;) Something with a 'D', Daniel or somesuch... :D :p :)

I like the playful, almost mincing style, but I'm not the best at it. I can twirl like mad, but still working on a convincing dance to go with it.
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