Drilling movements and I cannot tell whether or not they are asymmetrical?


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After I've been drilling a movement for a while (I have the most trouble with omis/ pelvic circles and ribcage circles), I can't tell whether or not it really is symmetrical or if I'm drilling an asymmetrical movement into my muscle memory. I also know that my right shoulder is more muscular than my left from badly executed pole drills early on, and I'm working on correcting this, but I don't know whether or not my movements look asymmetrical or if I'm just being paranoid.
I'm tortured by this. Dancing is absolutely my life, my whole life, and not being able to tell if my technique is good or not is really and truly excruciating.
What I mean to ask is does this happen to anybody else, and what do you suggest I do?
Mina, with love


Honey, most of us are asymmetrical physically and kinetically. Being "symmetrical" is largely a western hang-up. Symmetry is not essential to good middle eastern dance which usually doesn't involve doing a movement on one side then mirroring it on the other. ;) It is certainly not worth making yourself ill over.

Have you a teacher to consult?