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Ludy's post regarding the DVDs in the "Weaknesses" thread inspired me to add this thread. You probably all have already seen these link..
http://www.activevideos.com/bellydance.htm?gtse=GOTO&gtkw=belly dancing


Have any of you tried any of these DVDs? Which would you rate the best for a brand new beginner? Why?

Anyone here in Australia? Have you seen DVDs like these available inside Australia? I am not real keen on ordering international. Will if I really have to but I got stung once with a heavy customs fee I didn't know to expect so it has made me nervous of purchasing from overseas.

I will buy anything that will give me "practice" between lessons as well as being a good exercise workout. I don't like aerobics simply because it doesn't feel inspiring and they're not fun, but dancing? I can dance all day:D

Kathy :)


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Hi Kathy,

I bought all my DVDs through Amazon.com, as I've not been able to find any locally. The only Bellydance DVD I've seen in a shop was a bellydance Superstars performance one, in Sanity. Not really helpful for practice... (You can pick up instructional books from the health section of Borders)

From the first link, I've got the following:
My Personal Trainer: Bellydance Fitness with Rania (although her posture isn't the greatest - so be careful or you'll undo the good habits you pick up in class)
Bellydance for Romance with Jayna (something fun)

I've heard the Dolphina "Goddess" DVDs aren't very good, but I think some of the more experienced dancers might be able to recommend more/better?

[edit] Here's a link to another topic about instructional videos
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Hi DancerAU, In this day and age most newbies(I'm one) learn bellydancing through videos, although they don't replace a real teacher, it's one way to become familiar with a wide variety of teaching styles and movement vocabulary.
I haven't seen the first video on your list, but I do have "2001"Shimmies with Leyla, and I echo the sentimets in the Gilded Serpent article:) . Most videos do not specifically say which style of bellydance you are learning,so you may be learning an Egyptian Shimmy along with a Turkish hip lifts. I find that you can't go wrong with videos from IAMED. Susan Evans, produces high quality merchandise with top, well-respected teachers. I believe this is the website www.bellydance.org.

I forgot to mention Keti Sahrif, in fact she lives in Australia and I just purchased her videos(it will take 5-21 days to reach me). Here's her website, www.ketisharif.com. Hope this helps.
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Hi Kathy
I don't know where in OZ you are but take a look at the Westfield Malls. They often have temporary dvd/video booths and I picked up a lot of videos cheaply there. Otherwise try Keti 's site http://www.ketisharif.com/
Also some libraries have dance dvd/videos which is nice if you want to have a look before you buy.My local library allows us to put dvdnames on a 'wishlist' and then try to get them:) .
I have ordered from Amazon with no massive extra fees and very good service as when I started dancing (10+ years ago) it was VERY hard to get music or books. Thank goodness it has changed!
Good luck