Egyptian cotton


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Just came across this article about Egyptian cotton farming...

Other than the throwaway line about folkloric songs, it isn't BD related, so let's see what we can dig up music-wise...

From the film "Khadra W al-Sindbad al-qabliu," Amr al Gizawi singing "Ya qotn sobhan min sawar" with some of those famous crazy backbends courtesy of Nabaweya Moustafa. (Also check out the two doing the zaghareet--remember the enthusiasm for Shakira wagging her tongue up and down during her Superbowl show?)

A young Umm Kulthum singing "al-Qotn farah" from the film "Aida"

Mohamed Sadek singing "Nourt ya qotn al-Niil" (this looks like stock footage--no clue on the dancer)

"Ya helw ya qotn ya marwah" by Ahmed Abdelkader (and more recent stock footage)

Anybody know of any other cotton songs?


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I don't know any Middle Eastern cotton songs but enjoyed the ones shared. I grew cotton from 1974 through 1977. It was my very favorite crop: beautiful, useful, fascinating. There are dozens of American songs about it. Think I can probably still sing the one above without even having to listen to the lyrics again.