Egyptian dancers teaching Egyptian style? (DvD)


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Is there any such thing? After Kashmir's recommendation of watching a native Egyptian dance to see how they dance the dance of their own country I started wondering if there was an Egyptian teacher who has done a DvD. There are some great DvDs out there on Egyptian style but I can't seem to find one done by a native Egyptian.

I am still going to get Ranya Renee's DvD on Egyptian style and my favourite teacher down in Plymouth when I am at Uni is French! So honestly I don't think it really matters where your from, however it would be wonderful to have an Egyptian teach me and I do see a slight difference in the way they dance sometimes and would prefer to dance "like an Egyptian" instead of Egyptian style with an "accent" as Kashmir put it :D I doubt I will find any Egyptian style teachers in Norfolk! So a DVD is my only option; unless I go to Egypt and learn! Trust me its on the list of things to do :lol: But for now, and as I am not in Plymouth as I am on a placement year, I must learn by DvD.

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Yes, Raqia Hassan has a whole series of videos (originally) and now DVD's. Hard to get hold of though. And of variable quality/quantity. Farida Dance in the UK may be able to help. It's always worth watching Raqia if only for her neon leggings! :lol:


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There are a number of DVDs of Egyptian dancers in workshops - the Brisbane Winter Warmup may still have some available Winter Warmup and there are lots by Raqia. However, .... most of them are not like teaching DVDs as are known in the West. Because that is not how most Egyptian teachers teach. Technique breakdown is extremely rare. You learn by immersion - so the Winter Warmup DVD may be two hours long but the intensive was actually over 40 hours. No, the editor has not taken out the technique bits - there were no technique bits - just us following the bouncing butt. What you see is how we danced at the end of each day.

What I wanted - but was never available - was the teacher improvising in the style of the day - without simplifying for students with not enough technique or feel or ability to remember a 5 minute choreography in a couple of hours. In most cases that was the most valuable and energizing part of the class.

So, if you cannot get Raqia's DVDs - try and get hold of performance DVDs. Loop about 5 minutes and play it over and over - then do the same to the next chunk. That way you'll get a feel for the movement even if there is no explanation about the music or style.


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Here is a place to buy some workshop footage of native Egyptian dancers and choreographers.

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Turquoise International used to sell Raqia Hassan and Mona el Said workshop videos. You might check there too.