Egyptian hip-release


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I have instructions for a drum solo which were sent to me. One step is listed as (R hip) Egyptian hip-release for four count; next movement is with the (L hip) Egyptian hip-release for four count. I can not find instructions on how to do this movement (Egyptian hip release). I do not think it is a hip drop. Can anyone help me with this?

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Amanda (was Aziyade)

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Hmm .. sounds to me like what Bobby Farrah called "Beledi Hips" or some people call a "hip drop sit kick." If so, it's done like this:

Picture yourself doing a hip drop on the right leg. Lift and let it drop down. Now when it drops down, let the right foot release off the floor. It's not really a kick -- it's just a release of the weight on that leg.

Usually you see it done in pairs, in this fashion:
You drop the hip once, then do another drop with the release:


where the capitalized DUM is the drop, and the capitalized TEK is the drop/release.

Egyptian dancers would typically do this movement in their set after the entrance section, and when the music drops into a heavy so-called "Beledi" beat. Bobby said this was the point, after the dancer had flitted around the stage and shown off her costume, when she would ground herself in the middle of the stage and show that she OWNED the stage and the audience.

You can also pivot the hip so that the first drop is more in front of the body, and the drop/release is more towards the back of the body. Somebody made this famous -- Nabaweya Moustafa, maybe? I can't remember.