Egyptian Shimmy

Sophia Maria

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Hi! I'm looking for advice on Egyptian Shimmy style, where it comes from the knees and the hips stay level...I'm frustrated because my right leg is decent at it, and it has actually gotten stronger, whereas my left leg limps along like a stalling engine :( It makes my shimmy really unbalanced and hard to sustain for more than a few seconds. Any tips on strengthening the left leg?


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I think you should try and practice a lot, doing it very slow and even. Practice keeping it as even as possible. You really don't need much strength to bend and straighten the leg. The key (in my theory at least) is control of the legs. Equal control. When you got a nice steady, even rhythm you can try to speed up a bit.

Tarik Sultan

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I would follow Gisela's advise. You need to strengthen the muscles to gain the coordination and that only comes over time by working up from the speed at which you can comfortable sustain the movement. Eventiually the muscles get toned enough to allow yopu to go a little faster, so you develop it gradually. And not for nothing, but its always easier on one side than the other, go figure...

What might make it easier is to concentrate on shifting your hamstring muscles. That's what's driving it. However, if you really can't get it, say you have a show to do, you can also initiate it from the hips themselves. Just wiggle side to side. Both ways are valid, but I find that for some body types the wiggle works better than using the hamstrings. I use them both especially if Im descending into a squat. You can't articulate the hamstrings in a deep plea, but you can still wiggle the hips.


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I'd recommend drilling this shimmy daily, for 3-10 minutes. When drilling, at first, do it in front of a mirror and pay attention to make sure both legs are working equally.

Also do single-legged shimmy drills, but if one leg is significantly better than the other, then practice on the "bad" leg for at least twice the length of time you practiced on the "good" leg.

Sophia Maria

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Just updating to say that I had a major breakthrough today and can now do an even back-back-back-back motion with both legs! So excited and this makes me feel so much more motivated.


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I'm Egyptian, so I can help with that! :D

I'd say start with a slow shimmy and build up speeds, it's all about how you control your muscles as others have pointed out.

YAY for breakthrough, and as you probably have noticed, everything comes with time and practice practice practice.


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Agree, the key is to practice, though Egyptian shimmy is one of the easiest to learn. Now 3/4 shimmy took me months, to become natural to me, it just clicked one day (that was like 20 years ago).

Practice really is the key, and those egyptian shimmys can be tricky at first!:)