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Hi, my name is Silvinka and I'm from the Netherlands ( Europe ).

I started bellydancing almost two years ago, mostly Turkisch and Egyption style. Through this forum i hope to learn more from all of you about bellydancing.

Bye bye!!!

P.S. Please be gentle about any spelling or grammer faults please within my writing :)


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Hello Silvinka, welcome. I'm knew to bellydancing and the forums myself but glad to have you here. I'm sure your English is fine. It is most certainly better than my French, which I've forgotten most of what I learned and my Spanish I'm trying to learn now...and I tried to learn some Dutch before my trip to Amsterdam, but that didn't go too well either!



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Hi Silvinka,welcome and nu maak je moon blij want weer een nederlandse en moon is de beste mail schrijfster die we hebben en is ook nederlandse!! leuk dat je er bent en happy dancing Lydia