Erhan Ay- 2016 Mediterranean Delight Festival, Greece


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VERY nice! Although I'll grumble about not liking topless male dancers, his performance is outstanding! And its nice to see another male dancer who isn't afraid to dance in a skirt and knows what to do with one! :clap::clap::dance::dance:


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Yeah, me, too. I don't often watch videos from beginning to end but I've watched this one several times. Costume-wise, I like the gray pants and boots beneath the skirt. Tres sexy. The sleeve and upper cross-body treatment mitigate the usual too-naked look of a bare chest.

Sigh. Damn, he's a good dancer.


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He is amazing, I love his performance. He knows how to dance outstanding and he isn't afraid to dance in a skirt. I think that I loved belly male dance after his videos. I think that live performance is more awesome than the video. Last year I was at gala dinner arranged by the company where I work and I saw a performance with belly dancers. It was very beautiful, but it is a pity that it wasn't any male dancer, only women. For the rest the dinner was very interesting and memorable. A company that provides technical event services in london helped with organization and did it the best way. They supplied all of the necessary sound equipment, event lighting, led screen and custom staging.
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