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Bodies and beats

Hi, I know theres a Bodies and Beats event in Shoreham, Sussex, with Leila Haddad...Maria D'Silva...Storm Tree...Ashraf Hassan..there are loads of workshops , an open stage early evening, evening show...and a then a live band for later is being staged by


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Hello UK dancers! I've got 2 events on my dancing horizon - Brighton Orient in November and Fantasia in London in December.

Brighton Orient 17-19 Nov (for more information ring 01273 386500 or email

Fantasia 9/10 Dec (visit


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In the North there's also the fabulous Jewel of Yorkshire on 7th and 8th October -

belly taz

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i wanted to go to the jewel of yorkshire but by the time i found out all the workshops i wanted to do have been booked..:( ..keep my eye on it for next year


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Scottish Event


Here's one in Scotland.

Saturday 28th October 2006 - Belly Hi Belly Dance Day at the Lion Hotel in Auldearn, near Nairn, in Scotland

Exciting African Fusion, Duet and Tribal Workshops from 1pm - 6pm with Lindsey MacQueen and Maureen Phyfer, £10 each.
Hafla with performances dance till you drop with DJ Monkey Magic, £6.60.
Bazaar with costumes, accessories, music.

More information and booking details:
Phone: Lynne 01340 871094 (daytime), Mel 01542 870748 (evenings & weekends)

love terraluna


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