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I am Amunet and I am trying to promote a Middle Eastern Dance show that I am putting together in Bristol, England on Saturday 12th May 2007.

Shafeek Ibrahim and Tara Ibrahim are coming to teach workshops and to star as our special guests.

I have a very exciting line up of some of the South West's most talented dancers, so if you are interested in attending this event or know anyone who would be, perhaps you could visit the events & courses pages on my website for more information.

As well as trying to improve opportunities for local professional dancers, I am a mum of two 3 & 5 year olds, who make life, shall we say 'interesting!', I ride horses whenever possible (especially Arab horses out in the desert) and I ride a motorbike when the sun shines. I dance for happiness and fitness and feel humbled that I am successful professionally.

I am sure there are lots of people out there who are trying to promote this dance and I say good on you, because we are only dancers after all and it is very hard work.

Here's to all the organisers of MED events, WELL DONE and have a drink or five on me!


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Great Suheir! Thanks for your interest. We have lots of great dancers down here and we love what we do.

It is going to be an amazing show, I was so excited putting together the running order. The West has never seen the like of it before!!!

Blessings and happy shimmies to you,