experimental or tribal fusion?


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I would not want to change the dance, I love the dance. I also love all sorts of music as well. And I totally agree, with your last sentence.
Me too! I'm a big music fan of many genres. :) I do "belly dance" to things other than traditional music; I don't use it for public performance. I feel if I present belly dance to an audience, I should give them the real thing to the best of my ability.

I am starting to have trouble properly interpreting any other music than Egyptian with a belly dance movement vocabulary. I started out with old school American belly dance and now Americanized belly dance music sounds a little weird to me. My Turkish is suffering too in a different way. I've been working with Egyptian so much lately, that my Turkish feels a bit off. It takes me a while to adjust and get the feel of the music again. When I was a beginner, I couldn't tell the difference.