I really wish forums were the mainstay as opposed to everything these days being on FB. Forums are just so much neater, searchable and contained. I get lost on FB with so many competing groups and threads all over the shop. Although I have learnt a lot from my betters on FB, I do resent its entrapment keeping me on their platform (particularly of late when there are so many security scandals). Forums like this offer far more freedom in terms of anonymity, security and search facilities. Please my fellow bellydancers, rediscover the beauty of forums like this one.

Sorry for the rant!


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Yep - how many megabytes of anti-facesuck vitriol would you like me to spew? I hate that site, and others like it, with the fire of 10,000 suns! Interestingly, of all of my many and varied interests, only Belly Dancers seem to have gone to so-called "social media" sites instead of forums like this one. EVERY SINGLE OTHER INTEREST of mine has multiple forums that are THRIVING! GRRRRRRRRR!!!!

You won't catch me DEAD there, and I don't allow linking to my website from there either.
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Hello, I see many likes forum type of socialization rather than social media. Approve, thumbs up! But this is not the best option anyway. They are slow and many people from my experience saw to stuck over one forum as their “refuge” place of stay on evening with 25 people or something like that. Instagram is another story, have there 98k subscribers in only 2 months and my phone is bombarded with people willing to know me. Attention is not bad, right? But all of this is thanks to how to buy real instagram likes because all these 2 months they work by adding new likes on my photos and people automatically are interested where the wave is aiming.
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