Fairy costumes by Raya


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Beautiful costume, excellent name. My compliments to your photographer, by the way. Those are great photos.


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I love the texturing you have done on the bra and belt. Every time you make an outfit I learn something new. It's just beautiful.


That is interesting. I assume it hides the clasp? Doesn't your hair catch on the beading?
It is detachable detail. Headpiece or bra clasp (if the dancer decides to make hair up)
Sorry English is not my first language
Hope you understood
I showed everything on the pictures


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That makes sense. I can see how that could really make an impression with an up-do. Nicely done. :)


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Yay! I've missed seeing your costumes. :)

I agree with Shanazel that the asymmetry is interesting. I love the red velvet, it's so lush with the gold.

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I was involved in a group dance event his past weekend which included fairies in the theme. Some of them would've really gone for these costumes.