Favorite DVD for Home Practice


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I haven't started class yet. I will thursday so I'm pretty excited. I like the Veena and Neena dvds for practice but right now I'm liking Amira's Belly dance 101 and Neons instant bellydancer. I found the Veena and Neena's dvds are good but they don't have much thoughtful explenation like Amira. Also, I'm doing Yoga and LOVING it! lol.


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Hi Ludmilla, I love Saida's style too. She is so fluid,graceful as she dances Very soulful performer.Alas:( I haven't seen any of her videos and I know they are hard to get. I think she is a student of Amir Thaleb and is considered an excellent teacher. If you see the DVD set on ebay let me know.

Yasmine -- I was about to post the link to ebay w/ the Saida 2 DVD set and now, it seems to have disappeared -- a few sites used to have it but even ebay seems to be out at the moment.... if I notice it again or find a place that has it, I'll post the link then (possibly Musimundo, Argentina? they used to have it anyway, I believe.) Ludmilla --