Favorite song now?

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i forgat about this one! SHERTEH HOB!! I said there are so many....gosh how can i forget this one...so beautifull...i wish you happy dancing lydia

Zahra hamra

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For the past two days the song 'Tahta Ash-Shibbak' has been stuck in my head. I did a workshop this week and my teacher used this song a couple of times.

And I'm singing Nancy Ajram's 'Ah wa nos' all day long.
Get the pliers! pull this crazy song out of my head

Right now, Thios Kardie by George Abdo. Actually, at least half his songs are subject to working their way into my head and requiring surgical removal at any time.

There are others vying for attention as well inside my brain. It's like a battle zone! Such as

Sahara City; a few songs credited for Osama Shahin, particularly this one which sounds Russian more than Arabic. I don't know the name since the site, Arabian Sky, is in Russian.

Just a few of many which have had my mind under seige lately. Incidentally, AS is a great site for free downloads

So much music, so little time!



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I am choreographing "Yalla Bina Yalla" by Mohamed Fouad. It kinda stuck in my head for the past two days. I love this piece.
Also ever since Maria Aya posted the thread about "Enta Omari", I have been listening to it a lot lately.


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gosh there are so many...i was teaching zills last saterday and i hade 2 girls almost crying on leilet hob..... so i geuss it is stil a favorite,happy hip dropping lydia

O.K. Lydia, I just have to ask...you were playing zills to Leylet Hob?:shok:



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not really a favourite song right now but lately I have been listening to Jehan's cds that I bought last year .. Bellyfuse and Goddessdance .. I know they're not propper belly dance but I really enjoy listening to them :)

My favourite song I think is "Simerick" !!!
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