Favourite belly Dancers

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Dear group,
Currently, my favorites bellydancers are: lulu sabongi (Brazil), Saida (Argentina) and Randa Kamel (Egypt)...:clap:

Hugs, Michelle


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I admire to Naima Akef and Samia Gamal, as for the legends of oriental dance.

My number one is Nour (Russia), fantastic dancer and great teacher.
From male dancers, my favorite is Khaled Mahmoud.


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Fifi for ever !!! from her generation (ofcourse all the rest, Suheir, Mona, Nagua)

Orit and Lulu from today

Khaled Mahmoud from males

(err I think you got it that I only enjoy egyptian -ish style lol)

Maria Aya


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For males- Khaled and Shafeek (and my cousin who I'm trying to get a video clip of dancing Nemeth)

For Girls: Dina, Didem, Fifi, and I'm not really sure.....


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I have already mentioned that I am creating a blog of belly dance videos, and I'm wondering if anyone could list their favourite belly dancers, so I can look out for them;)
hey Michelle.... may be stupid ??? but where can we find your blog??


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Tanyeli, Hale Sultan, Sibel Baris-Turkey
Jillina, Michelle Joyce-USA
Maria Shashkova-Russia
Jihan Al Masri, Nour (Polish)-Lebanon
Shereen-Czech Rep.
Orit Maftsir-Israel
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i must say i was really impressed by Ava Fleming recently. i also like Suheir Zaki very much. some good dancers are also Anaheed, Fahtiem, Aziza, Ansuya... and my teacher, Malika Behiri!


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Well, of course the great stars:
Fifi Abdo !!!
Suher Zaki

I used to enjoy Dina's dancing, however, recently it does not touch me so much anymore.

Of the generation before I liked Katy and Naima the best.

Now, I enjoy watching Maria of Greece she dances with so much feeling - Orit, Sema Yildiz and certainly there are many others to name...

Makeda Maysa

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My all time favorite is Tahia Carioca.
Of course she is, Tapioca!!! (Inside joke.):lol:

My favorites are:
Fifi Abdo
Dina (she's just good fun)
Zoe Jakes
Suhaila (She was nice to my daughter, so I will always and forever be a fan)
Ava Fleming
Lotus Niraja (of course!)


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How did I miss this thread? :think:

I've seen lots of WONDERFUL dancers, but my very short list includes:

Fahtiem, Aziza Sai'id, Aziza (of Portland), Alexandra King, and Jamaica Sinclair.
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