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This makes so much sense - for ages I've been trying to work out how on earth I keep bruising my feet!

oh how sad is that? Now I know I've made it. sigh

They don't tell you that it's absolutely fixable though. Don't worry - it's a problem but there is much you can do.

Do you have one of those foam fitness rollers - stand on it and rock - one foot at a time supporting your weight with the other leg if necessary. The usual ice and ibuprofen is good too. You can get a cortizone shot directly into it and if worse comes to worse minor surgery can fix it for good.

I've had it for years in both feet and alternating due to running long distances, which reminds me - also a heal lift, or well fitted arch support during daily activity can help and dancing barefoot, one it is under control will do much to naturally strengthen and stretch the foot and the fascia


MIDDLE AGED??? MOI??? When did that happen?? What happened to 1987? I don't recall 1987, and I am absolutely ENTITLED to 1987.

I had a slight flare up in my heel after my last class, but it calmed down by morning. So far, it is a nuisance rather than actually debilitating- certainly less debilitating than the tendonistis I used to get while running long distance. I finally had to give the running up and start walking instead. Another youthful activity down the tubes. Sigh.


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Hi Gwinity,
I think A'isha said it well a while back, so I'm not going to rehash my thoughts on ball of the foot vs. flat. But, I did want to respond and encourage you to stick with what you're doing. It will get better, and it's very good to be able to do things both flat and with heels lifted. Working something flat before you take it up on the balls of the foot (not toes...) can help ensure your connection with the floor and that you're working the movement from the right place.

Also, working on flexibility in some of those muscles and tissue will be good for not only your dancing and your back-hip-leg health over time. I too had a natural tendancy toward short/tight hamstrings all down the leg. There are one or two specific stretches that help stimulate the whole area from low back to sole of foot that I found very helpful. Feel free to email me if you'd like me to send you those. (mirah at mirahammal.com)


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Hi Mirah,

Thanks for the advice! I'd be grateful for any stretches and exercises that will help lengthen and strengthen the leg muscles. I do do yoga (although not as much as I probably should) which helps a little, and the exercises from the physio, but anything extra would be much appreciated. :)

I'm sending an email to you now.
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