Fil Awil-translation?


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I'm looking for the translation for the pop saidi song "Fil Awil" by (or with) mohammad mounier(?). I believe the song is fairly well known but I can't seem to find a translation anywhere or even a transcript of the lyrics.

Can anyone here help? I would be very grateful:)


EDIT: Sorry, that should be Mohammad Mohier. I always mix it up.
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Hi again,
On another thread there was a video posted with this song. I'm borrowing it so that maybe someone can translate or just give me a hunch on what the lyrics are about.

Thank's so much!

Gia al Qamar

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Oh I love this song...I've taught it to all my classes...all levels this year!
"Fi el Awel" tranlsates into "At the Beginning".
I don't have a full translation, but what I do know is that the song is about the realization that love may not be what it first seems and so you're always destined for heartache and the relationship will always weighs heavy on your mind...sigh....


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OH Thank you, Gia!!!

I'm so grateful. It's such a great song and I been wanting to know the meaning for a long time.
Regards Gisela