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I'd like to recommend my teacher, she really is very good. Her website is a bit out of date as it was set up for free and rarely used, but if anyone was looking for classes in the Hampshire (UK) area, I am happy to pass on any queries.

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I never did get around to posting my classes here.

I teach weekly classes (over two 10-week semesters in autumn & spring), focus sessions and workshops in a regional Australian town called Echuca, which is right on the border of NSW and Victoria, and has a high tourist turnover.

The weekly classes are in Modern Oriental, which is to say a good mix of Egyptian, Turkish, American Oriental and various regional variants with strong ME roots and a very strong emphasis on the Egyptian. I also teach a choreography skills class on the same day.

The focus sessions are a cross between monthly classes and workshops. They are a short intensive focusing on one particular part of the dance. The focus sessions run as two consecutive sessions - the first is always a technique session and the second varies between topics like footwork and props. The focus sessions a very popular with tourist bellydancers, and some students regularly travel several hours to attend.

The workshops primarily focus on my areas of interest, being wings, stick and improvisation. I do try to encourage guest instructors to teach workshops a couple of times a year, usually during the semester breaks.

I also teach private lessons in Echuca, Moama and the surrounding areas.

Unfortunately my shop is still being updated for the 2012 intake, but in the meantime a pm to me here or an email will work wonders.


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Does anyone know of instructors or studios in Beijing China? I will be there for a year for a study abroad but really want to keep dancing.

I started with Caberet but now dance ATS. I am looking for any bellydance to keep me active and limber during this year until I return.

Thanks for any suggestions.



I don't see any bellydance on your website Nadine. Do you have any bellydance teachers at your school? Please note that Zumba is not the same as bellydance, although I am thrilled to see your zumba instructor has actual dance qualifications - that's still quite rare with Zumba teachers.
I found a belly dance teacher online via facebook and instagram. Horus Mozarabe is the name he goes by. He's offering a Belly Dance workshop on Sunday November 1st, online via Zoom. He's in Portugal, so it will be 7a.m. my time in Northern California, but for Horus it will be 2p.m. Lisbon, Portugal time.
It was okay. Didn't really have much fun or seem to get much out of it. Not happy because of Daylight Savings here in the U.S. I literally had to start at 6a.m. PST instead of 7a.m. PST. The teacher is in Lisbon, Portugal, which doesn't have daylight savings time. It was 2pm in Portugal,but 6a.m. here. I did not enjoy getting up that early! :(
Nuts - I don't like getting up much before about 11 - I'm a nite owl!
Same here Zorba! However Professor Horus is a very nice man and he's skilled enough to teach dance, so I'm going to have to go back for more belly dance lessons. Just hoping I can find better times to take a beginners class from hm.
Had my second Beginner's Tribal Fusion Belly Dance class with Horus Mozarabe yesterday. Was slightly more fun this time around. Classes are now Tuesdays at 11a.m. PST-12:30p.m. PST, so it's not as early as that day after Halloween workshop on Sunday November 1st. The classes are recorded on video and put up on . I just have to pay $29.50 a month on Patreon and I get all the classes uploaded to there after each class is over. Works out great since I can use the videos as a guide for practice. Really worked up a sweat in class. So far Horus has me as his only male student at least in his beginner's class. He did have one other man show up for the day after Halloween workshop, but that guy never came back after that. Hoping to learn something. It will just take a lot of practice.
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Cinzia Purificato in Italy is an international bellydancer who is wonderful, and she has been offering free workshops every month. The time here for me to join is in the morning between 8:30-9:30 but I do get a chance to gulp some coffee.
Horus was ill on the 17th,so he posted a 2 hour dance combo workshop video to his Patreon. I only caught a bit of it and it's over 2 hours. He usually teaches 90 minute classes on Zoom. I had to miss the class this morning due to sleep schedule getting out of whack, but heard Horus had technical difficulties, so he wasn't able to teach the full class. Heard he might offer an extra class this weekend. I hope so. He usually teaches Intermediate/Advance class on Thursdays, while I'm in the beginners one on Tuesdays. I'm still the only guy in the class, besides the teacher, but the ladies seem to be nice to me. :)