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I'd like to recommend my teacher, she really is very good. Her website is a bit out of date as it was set up for free and rarely used, but if anyone was looking for classes in the Hampshire (UK) area, I am happy to pass on any queries.

Nasira Belly Dancing - Home Page


I never did get around to posting my classes here.

I teach weekly classes (over two 10-week semesters in autumn & spring), focus sessions and workshops in a regional Australian town called Echuca, which is right on the border of NSW and Victoria, and has a high tourist turnover.

The weekly classes are in Modern Oriental, which is to say a good mix of Egyptian, Turkish, American Oriental and various regional variants with strong ME roots and a very strong emphasis on the Egyptian. I also teach a choreography skills class on the same day.

The focus sessions are a cross between monthly classes and workshops. They are a short intensive focusing on one particular part of the dance. The focus sessions run as two consecutive sessions - the first is always a technique session and the second varies between topics like footwork and props. The focus sessions a very popular with tourist bellydancers, and some students regularly travel several hours to attend.

The workshops primarily focus on my areas of interest, being wings, stick and improvisation. I do try to encourage guest instructors to teach workshops a couple of times a year, usually during the semester breaks.

I also teach private lessons in Echuca, Moama and the surrounding areas.

Unfortunately my shop is still being updated for the 2012 intake, but in the meantime a pm to me here or an email will work wonders.


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Does anyone know of instructors or studios in Beijing China? I will be there for a year for a study abroad but really want to keep dancing.

I started with Caberet but now dance ATS. I am looking for any bellydance to keep me active and limber during this year until I return.

Thanks for any suggestions.



I don't see any bellydance on your website Nadine. Do you have any bellydance teachers at your school? Please note that Zumba is not the same as bellydance, although I am thrilled to see your zumba instructor has actual dance qualifications - that's still quite rare with Zumba teachers.