Finding bra tops


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Does anyone else have trouble with this? I am only a 32 in bra size (this may be just British sizes I can't remember how they work!) but no shops seem to go smaller than a 34 :( Figured it's probably a dangerous idea getting one that might not be tight enough under the bust... could lead to embarrassing incidents!
Strange though because I see videos of dancers who look slimmer than me around the ribs all the time - where are they getting their tops...?


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Are you talking about cabaret bellydance bras or ordinary bras or tribal bras?
I think many more experienced dancers custom order their costumes to fit their exact measurements.
Costume bras are relatively easy to make smaller around the rib cage as long as the cup size is right. Just move straps and hooks. I don't know much about tribal bras but it seems like many of them have some lace up in the back or ribbons that can be tightened to fit you.
I would also guess that there are more specialized underwear stores that carry a larger range of size regarding normal bras.


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Hi gisela - thanks for the reply :)
The ones I've been looking at were mainly in online shops like the turkish emporium - so for turkish style belly dance really I think. I guess I probably would be able to buy and then alter them yeah, that's a good idea, suppose I'd just have to go down a cup size to account for the bigger underbust measurement.
Would be nice to get a custom-made one one day, after that lottery win...! :D