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thaknx for your support Elena,you are a sweetie.

all went well this morning,my muscles are realy starting to feel the work,i already feel so immense,had so much energy today.:)

I woke feeling so exited,to dance is such a feeling,a feeling i cannot get enough of.
2 hours seem to just fly by.I worked with veena and neena last night,then did some improv,went realy well.
this morning i worked with fatchancebellydance,then did some the end of each session i do 15/20 minutes of callanetics,realy relaxing.

Some people dream of success... while others wake up and work hard at it. ~Author Unknown
i find quotes realy pump me up ready for action-2 hours to dance time...yey!!!!

Effort is only effort when it begins to hurt. ~José Ortega y Gassett


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another hour :)

ok,easing myself back,starting with callan last night
my leg is more or less healed
top left chest muscles are a little sore,but not hurting when I excercise.just going easy,light and careful through my session
i have top say that this week i suddenly noticed,my legs are very long!!!
and my neck,very strong and very long,when i tilt my head to a side,my shoulders feel as if they remain square,its a very soothing feeling.
as i practised,I thought of energy coming up from the earth and travelling through my body,a beautiful thought and an amazing feeling.a great way of staying warm this winter!!!he he he

another milestone for me,is that excercise/dance has all of a sudden become a natural part of my life,you know,its hard to remember a time when I didnt do dance and callanetics.I am so thankful to have both in my life,thankyou God xx

when i excercise/dance,i feel the heat and adrenalin move through my body-even in my earlobes!!!he he he

now when i move,I am so much more careful and respectful towards mybody,I appreciate it so very much.

so there we go,another hour under my dancing callan belt!

heres a word from callan,copied from ''complete callanetics book:

If you have weak stomache muscles,your stomache may appear large at first,even though your waist is already smaller.You are working on your upper muscles first,also your hips are pulling in and your behind is tightening/rising.
all of a sudden,your stomache muscles will catch up with the rest of your newly sculpted body,and will be beautifully flat.
As your hips and behind pull in and up,you may notice a lump of flesh just below the waist on your back,where you feel when you don't put your hands on your hips.
don't get hysterical like i did,as everything tightens and pulls in,all that gooshy mess on your hips is being lifted and tightened to be a high,round,firm behind!!keep at it!
here are more surprises you have ahead:

* One morning you will notice in the mirror that your neck is longer and narrower
* As if by magic,your inner thighs will be smooth and part of your legs,not something mushy and seperate.
* your legs will look longer and leaner and you will feel as though you have the spring of a gazelle.
* One night you will roll over in bed and feel as if your cat had left a toy under the covers and its poking your hip-but no,its your hipbone.your stomache has become so tight and flat,that your hip bones show!
you are truely able to resculpt your body into an image of beauty,It won't be a breeze,but it will be fast.
laugh at yourself if your body will not cop-operate,talk to your muscles,caress them,cojole them,tease them and soon you will be able to get them doing anythying you ask.
each hour you do,your body becomes,stronger,firmer,lovelier.
its so exiting!


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great session

tonights dancew was even more amazing,i can still feel the heat in my cheeks,I was somewhere else for a while there.
once again as i danced i thought about my singing,when i was first learning and thatkept my confidence for this journey also.
I know that dance will bring the magic to bring indogo to their destination,that magic of course coming from the heavens,God truely is amazing,and I am so grateful that he has brought me to it and is now bringing me through it.
our God is an awesome God.
I thought about tony robbins~CANI.
I know he would be so supportive,constant and never ending i told my body to do what she could,and the rest will come when i am ready.gosh those routines were amazing,so smooth and so effortless.
the same applies to the voice,minimum effort,maximum sound,so i made very gentle effort all the way through.
was a little sickly on turns tonight,though i did do alott.
you know,theres no style of bellydance that i dont like and nowadays i can even know the difference,isnt that great!
so yes,thoroughly enjoyed myself,I have danced into the night.
must get prepared for tomorrow!


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Miss Shimmy,

You sound like you're on a fantastic journey, and I'm so happy for you. *hug* What did you do to your leg for it to be more or less healed now? I hope you haven't injured yourself dancing...


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hi there gwinity,thankx so much for your support.
yes my leg at first didnt like so much dancing,but now its stronger than ever:)
thankyou for asking(((hugs)))



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another hour

completed another hour of callan last night,was very flexible on most excercises,and amazingly strong.I am so happy with that progress so far.

Got a 2 hour show tonight,am looking forward to that.

love to all


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at the moment,callanetics,I am doing supercallanetics twice a week,once in the week and once at the weekends.
and dancing in between.

all is going well.just some loose skin at my belly to catch up with the muscles toning.
saturday nights i have the night off.looking forward to callan session tomorrow.
i am so much more stronger,much more supple,I am half way there though.

nmow my goal is to fit into those lovely clothes-just 1 or 2 sizes away.

so eating very healthy from after weekend,i have eaten realy naughtily this weekend,to get it outta my system...he he he

thanks for your support,happy dancing each of you here at this beautiful oriental family xx


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eating healthy

eating less than is required to support your basal metabalism,will slow it down.
you can raise metabalism and keep blood sugar levels stable with regular and healthy eating.
It also prevents binging as you never feel famished.

i have ordered my food for the complete healthy start next week, i am preparing for it well.

bye bye to naughty food,hello to succulant beautiful healthy food.
i eat pretty well at the moment,but not 100 percent of the time,i know it does make a difference.

i start in about 6 days time,so i am eating something naughty up until that day..he he he.:)

callanetics tonight-yey!


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"it took years for her to dance but she finally began...spirit leading, body following, body flowing, spirit soaring. losing herself, becoming her all - she truly danced for the first time in her life - and she knew joy."


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Hi miss Shimmy, good things are going so well, you are an inspiration for a lot of people :)

Because of my birthday I ate quite some unhealthy food (at least this time I had a good excuse for it :redface:)
I still have some cake left and I have to eat it otherwise I have to throw it away (good excuse again ;))

What I wanted to ask, what do you do when you have a cold? Cause I'm having a quite serious cold right now.


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hello moon

ah hello moon,i am so happy to hear from though,ooh birthday cake,its ok we had a week of cake after my fiance's birthday,it was great!you will soon get back on track.:)

so sorry you have a cold,here's what i do,if I got a cold:

* hot water with lemon,ginger and honey
* eucolpyptus oil on my clothes around my shoulders
* hot home made soup
* hot bubble bath,with a little eucolyptus in there.
* have 2 or more pillows when you sleep-take a hot water bottle to bed.
* Good movies-comedies,something to cheer you up :)

get well soon(((hugs)))


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Thanks girl! The bubble bath will be a little difficult as we only have a shower here (and I don't think people in the swimming pool would like me to put eucalyptus oil in there ;))

I'll definitely start with the first one, I think you have to drink it, right?

(How did you get this wise btw? From books, internet or maybe a sweet grandma?)


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Lemon is magic trick to any illness, just ask any egyptians. If I have any problem the first step is hot lemon, and the next is sleep under the duve and sweat :think:. After that antibiotics... As an Europian the way they eat medicine and antibiotics is "interesting". It's a lot.

But the lemon. If you are really bad, the best way is this:
- Wash 2 small Egyptian lemons very well (or third of European lemon) and cut them half
- Boil the lemons in water
- Squize the juice out to cup (with spoons, it's really hot)
- Take all the stuff from inside to cup, too
- Add hot water
- Add honey
- Add more fresh lemon juice if wanted
Enjoy! It's really horrible and bitter. Boiling makes lemon so. If you are just a little sick skip boiling lemon and just use fresh juice or use half and half.

After cover yourself compleatly from head to toes, sweat and get well. This stuff really helps. And drink more hot lemon is needed.

About ginger, I don't know.


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Thank you too Donya!

I just made hot water with (maybe a little too much) honey and unboiled lemon juice. I couldn't get the lid off the jar with ginger. Where's my boyfriend when I need him? :wall:

Actually it tastes nice like this!
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hey there

ah yes,I start the day with hot water and lemon,Donya,I didnt know about the egyptians using it alott,thats great to know!

well moon,I learnt alott from friends,books,alott from when we were in france,we were touring,me and my family,we picked up alott there about natural herbs,organic farming , was awesome.

then having the 2 boys,I am always looking at better,ways of nursing them when they are not well.

so yeppo,something that comes with age and curiosity....great combination!!;)

I am so happy you doing the lemon thing,keep us updated,okies?

with your oil-you can put it in a bowl of hot water and hold a towel over your realy lifts you,just what you need when you have a cold.

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another hour

wow last night I realy didnt feel like it,the kids were late to bed and I felt tired and lethargic,but alas,I did it and wow,am I glad I did!

the last 2 sessions,my stomach was so weak,but l;at night i was amazed at my strength...geez!!this is magic for me.

having a dance tonight,try and do 2 hours,looking forward to that.

love to all:)


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Lately I've been going to the gym, and there's the machine which I love and cause the Gym is in my mates house we just shak ut in there and stuff.

Anyways, this machine it tells you how much colaries you've lost. And so far in two days I've lost 720! It's really clever, I don't know how it works but it connects upto you and then measures you or something. :D
I'm quite proud of mysen.

Then i'm getting that Pump it Up ultimate Dance workout for Christmas, so hoping to loose a few before I go back to college next year.


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ah sara that sounds great!keep going with that:)

well,I had a good 2 hour session of dance and stretching,I started a bit late,but always better late than never!
I am dancing again tomorrow,doing supercallanetics on sunday.
I am at a point now where I find it hard to go more than a day without some form of excercise.isnt that great!
I noticed today that my weight is dropping off,which is awesome.
I got myself a chinning bar the other day,I could only hang from it for like 3 seconds,but now its 10 seconds..yey!!those little steps make bigger steps!
I am so filled with determination,itz revitalising to the soul for sure!

oops is past my bedtime!


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did my callan session tonight,mixed in some yoga too,took my time and realy enjoyed myself.
the weight is dropping off me,my stomache was the weakest tonight-which is good as that means callans working on it quite nicely.

at the moment I am doing supercallanetics once a week,dance and stretching/yoga rest of the week,at least 2 hours each day.I am realy happy with such a routine.

me and a friend,in january we are doing a detox,I am looking forward to that as i have hit the chocolate way too much;)

so yes,all is going well:dance:
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