Folk Performances in Turkey


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Hi everyone!

I am going to Istanbul and the Cappadocia region soon and was wondering if any of you could advise me on the best venue to see Folk-dance performances. I am particularly interested in possible venues in the Cappadocia area as there seem to be many but I would like to see the best ones!

In Istanbul I will be seeing the 'touristy' shows at Orient House and Kervansary.

Thanks everyone. Every little bit of information does help!!!

Margaret (Australia)


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Hi there :)
And wishing you a great trip to Kapadokia, its one of my destinations in the world that i dream to go.
So my advice is this (and have worked with me at many arabic places and turkish and greek also)
Mix with the people, go to a local coffee place and ask them!!!
They know and they will show you where you can see the real thing and not the touristic dance !!!

Wishing you a pleasand and safe stay

Maria Aya:)


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Thanks Maria!

I have heard the Folk Dancing in Cappadocia is slightly more authentic than that which is presented to tourists in Istanbul - that is why I am keen to see a show in this land of the Fairy Chimneys! Thanks for your advice - it makes sense! While I am in Istanbul I am having Romani lessons with Reyhan and Ahmet (I hope). Have you heard of them? I looooooove the Roman 9/8 music and Gypsy dance style.

Hope you get to visit too one day!




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You mentioned that you are going to Turkey *soon*. What that actually means? For Istanbul there is not much difference during which month you go, but Cappadocia is almost deserted before summer season so it is not very likely to be able to see there any dancing before April.

Shows in places like Orient House and Kervansaray of Istanbul do feature genuine folk dances - steps and costumes are real and beautiful but as those same dancers dance those same shows every night and the show is aimed for tourists the shows may lack some feeling of some more spontaneous dancing: they are still a good show (and at Orient House you must of course see also divine Birgül Beray - and Oya...)

In Istanbul you can find quite often also some bigger folkloric shows danced somewhere in stadiums, outdoors, schools etc but best way to know about those is to browse local newspapers or ask from some dancers there.

Enjoy your visit in Turkey - and besides Reyhan and Ahmet you could also consider studying with Sema Yildiz as she is known to be good both with Romani and Oryantal styles (while Reyhan is purely Romani and Ahmet more towards folkdance and Romani)


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Early April

Thankyou Kiraze!

I will be in Cappadocia on April 5 & 6 to be exact! I hope the dancing will have started by then. I will check the local papers and talk to the local people to find out if there are any performances and which are the best ones. I am glad to hear the Folk dancing in Istanbul is great. Most bellydancers only comment on the Oryantal dancing they have seen there so I was wondering about the quality of the Folk-dancing. Sound like it will be wonderful anyway!

I am sure I will have a fantastic time!

Cheers from Australia!!!

Tarik Sultan

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The Yashr Baba in Capadokia is the place to go. Its made out of a cave and the dancers and musicians are locals. It was by far the best folk show I saw in Turkey. You should also ask if the Dervish are still dancing in the karavansaray there, (in Capadokia). You will not want to miss that.

As far as clubs in Istanbul, I would add the Gar to your list.


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Tarik, Wow - a recommendation from you means heaps so thanks! I will still ask around when I am there but if we can make it to Yashr Baba I know we will be in for a great show.....and Gar is now added to the list : )

Thanks from Oz!