For fun or for job?


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Who does Belly dancing as a job and who as a hobby? Just curious? What pays to do it? Bachelor parties?

Aisha Azar

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Pro or Amateur..?

Dear Rachy,
Are you asking who is a professional dancer on this forum and who is an amateur?? Are you a so asking what kinds of jobs pay dancers the most?



I don't know any Belly dancers that perform at stage parties, that is not a usual private event a Belly dancer would take. Paying venues in the states are performance for private events, like birthday parties, restaurant and nightclubs, often establishments with Arab menu, corporate functions, dance events for other dancers - paid gigs are most often reserved for the headliner, main stream events like fairs and festivals...


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I do it as a hobby. I wish I had mroe time/money so I could be dedicated to the dance and become a professional (university doens't really allow this). I'd also love to take other forms of dance to give me a larger dance repitoir as I find alot of BD teachers can't teach stuff that ballet/etc teachers can- the teachers I've met anyways. I'd love to learn how to turn like those ballet dancers!

I think BD is generally meant to be in a group of people, certainly not with a few horny drunk men at a stag party. Then you might as well be a stripper because they care nothing for the art.

Once you became a professional dancer (alot of unprofessional dancers charging money to do shows. See the wrechedness on youtube!) I would think the best places to work would be at weddings, clubs (not just a regular bar on wings night), and your own "shows".... but I could be wrong.



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I'm still a beginner so bellydance is my hobby at this moment. For now, I absolutely want to get better but I also want it to stay a hobby.
But you never know what the future will bring... ;)


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Thanks for your replies.

My mother told me that certain things pay so much for this or that, and it made me think if it was true. For example, she said that bacheloer parties would pay you $300 for 15 minutes. Sounds a little steep to me, and I read online that BDers used to dance for women and not men. So it would kind of offensive to me.


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Hi! I have been taking classes on and off (depending on my schedule and budget) for about 5 years now but I have absolutely no intention of becoming a professional dancer. I love the music and the movements and the joy that I feel when I am dancing in oriental style. The only time that I dance outside of class or my home is at the student showcases (I don't participate in those very often) or at a close friend's or relative's family party. I don't charge anything for those because my performances are gifts, just like the flowers or candy that I would give to the hostess, and these people are good friends/family anyway.
As for the bachelor parties I think that no self respecting dancer should do both. If one would like to be a stripper she should do that but if she wants to go out and say that she/he is an artist then how would she explain stripping?!! These two things don't mesh for me.
Meanwhile when it comes to charging $250-500 for 15-25 min performances, I think those are fair (with adjustments made to regional economy). If I were to invite a dancer to my wedding I don't think that a fee like that is excessive. The dancer is not a lawyer who charges per hour but she is charging for the experience, for creating a sense of magic.
Best love,


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Hi Rachy!

To me dancing is a hobby... A "will-take-over-your-your-life-with-a-snap-of-fingers-and-you'll-love-every-minute-of-it"-kind of hobby. The few performances I do and actually get paid for are usually companies' christmas parties, family days, people's birthdays and other celebrations. I don't think I would ever do a bachelors party... even if it was all decent, it would leave a bit of a bad taste to it....


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For fun, definitely. Never thought of it as something I'd like to make a living of (although my dad was worried I did, for a while), and, time and finances permitting, I intend to continue taking classes for as long as I'm able to move. My friends sometimes make me dance for them a little and teach them moves when we're together, and that's as far as I care to take it.


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Hi. We get paid to do gigs - such as weddings, private parties (never, ever bachelor, or all male), and bellygrams. We also do free gigs for friends, family, charity and arts fairs and shows.

I've recently started taking paying gigs - but my teacher has to approve them, and she will be going with me, at least at first.


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Hi Rachy,

I am a professional and I dance and teach for a living. I *NEVER* perform at bachelor parties and I really don't think any respectful dancer should IMHO. It's an art form, not something to entertain roudy and drunk men.

I dance at two different restaurants that pay fairly well and I also do private gigs which is where most of my gig income comes from like weddings, birthday parties, bachelorette parties, hens nights, etc. And to be honest, I would make the same performing at a bachelor party as I would a private upscale corporate function. The vast majority of my income comes from teaching though.


Job or hobby? Can it be both:) ? However I only take gigs that sound respectable to me. I am very picky!


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I can more describe it as life passion !!!
I still keep my work after 20 years in Parliament its not wise to leave it;) but same time I teach nowdays around 3-4 hours per day, mostly privite.
As for performing its very rare in the last 15 years, lets say not more than 30 times. So i do select where I dance.
BUT have to say that my best times are when I dance for arabic audience women or men.
I just LOVE their surprise and their secret chats like, she is arab she is hidding it, she looks arab and she dance like arab.. etc lol
Maria Aya


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I was not nessicarily asking if you would do the bachelor party, but it was what I was told and the price. I was just curious if those prices where "reasonable" or the same for restuarant dances, or whatever else you do them for.

thanks for all the great info. i will not be dancing for men alone, nor would i think of it, it's just what i had been told .


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I started taking classes as a hobby, because I was really interested in this particular dancing. But now at the moment as I realised that I love!:D this dancing and performing it in both theaters or private shows as restaurants, I'm thinking seriosly the possibility of becaming some day a professional dancer!!


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I'm still a beginner so bellydance is my hobby at this moment. For now, I absolutely want to get better but I also want it to stay a hobby.
But you never know what the future will bring...

so beautifully said moon,it is the same for me:)
I can more describe it as life passion !!!
maria,you are such an inspiration.:)

Rachy,just dance and see where it takes you,who knows what wonderful oppurtunities it will bring into your life.have you started dancing rachy?
Job or hobby? Can it be both ? However I only take gigs that sound respectable to me. I am very picky!

thats wonderful Amulya:)

you are all such an inspiration,rachy certainly came to the right place to find the guidance she needs,

love and shimmies all round