For Teachers: What's in your class kit?


There's a nice thread over on tribe that I wouldn't mind starting up here - on the topic of the contents of your class bag. There are a couple of teachers on there answering and one in particular got me thinking about what is typically in the class kit of a teacher, and why.

So I'll start. My class kit contains:

Dot-point lesson plan for the term (keeps me and the students on track. lets them know I have an actual plan for the term and that we're not just doing whatever because it feels like an X sort of day)
First aid kit (because I take responsibility for the welfare of my students while they are in my classroom. I've never needed it - thank the gods)
Hipscarves (for hire, I encourage students to buy their own because it was special to me to do so and they place more value on both the classes and the hipscarves if they have their own)
Teaching scarves (plain stretchy scraps of fabric to tie around various body parts to help the connection between brain & body for difficult movements)
Cashbox (easier to give change from a $50 if I have it in a nice little container, preferably lockable)
Time sheet (enrolment form)
Folder of music cds (because sometimes you change your mind about what song you want for the improv/games segment)
Spare props (it helps to be able to show how different weights and fabrics can really change how a prop handles, so I bring them that they might experience that without the expense involved)
Jazz shoes (mine, not for loan)
Allergy-free deodorant (you can guarantee that someone will forget it, and that if they do, they will have allergies)
Reward stickers (it's cute, they feel a bit silly, but they still dig through for the "best" one!)
Refreshments (so we can have a mid-class break & learn on our butts instead of on our feet!)
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plus jelly beans for diabetics (note - you have to eat them after a year or they go hard and nasty - replace first then eat them)

When I'm out of my studio I also carry spare batteries for my remote.


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Not teaching at the moment, but when I did my bag contained:

CDs I used
My soft jazz shoes,
A veil
folder with lesson plans/outlines
Attendance book
2 ball point pens
A small makeup purse which contains safety pins, hair clips, a hair claw to get my long hair up and away if it is hot, purse pack of tissues, some band aide strips,
A business card holder with spare business cards
Bottle of water

(I think that is all:D)

I had another bag which contained veils for class use & some hip belts for sale

The community centres have first aid kits & I carry one in my car.


- my class file which contains: my term's scheme of work, my lesson plans, my students' fitness forms, their Individual Learning Plans and Record of Learning, my Risk Assessment, my student profile sheet, choreography notes, other handouts, other class resources
- my mp3 player (which has all my teaching playlists), aux lead (single jack and double jack versions) & speakers, and the power lead for my mp3 player
- hip scarf (mine- I don't lend them out to students)
- a bag of spare pens for students to borrow when completing their record of learning & any other forms they have to fill in.
- whatever props we may be using in class- one for my own use, and a couple of others to lend out if necessary
- my mobile phone, charged

The adult ed centre where I work has a First Aid Kit, and a water cooler distributing free water, and a machine where I can get emergency chocolate. It is also responsible for the Register so that's not part of my course file.