French theme party ideas?


I booked a surprise birthday party this weekend at an older couple's home with about 30 guests expected to attend. The woman's husband is French, so they are having a French themed party with French music and food throughout the evening. (Personally, I think it's a little odd that they want a Middle Eastern dancer at a French themed party, but, eh, it's what they want.)

The woman doesn't have any special music requests, she's fine with me using Arabic music, but I want to try to tie in some kind of fitting music that's maybe complementary to the French theme. Do any of you think that maybe some "Mediterranean" type would work, and if so, any specific songs or suggestions? Other little non-music related ideas that tie in with the French theme? I'm racking my brain, she only called me a few days ago, so I don't have much time...

Thanks in advance!:)


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... Moulin Rouge? I can't think of anything that wouldn't require a fusion. What style do you perform?


There are a lot of arabs living in modern day France and I'm quite sure you'll be able to find both algerian and tunisian danceable songs with lyrics in French (maybe even some lebanese music). At Mazika - Music you can browse music by country. :)
Wonderful! Thanks for all the great suggestions, everyone! I know that I'm doing a sword dance to Natacha Atlas' "Mon Amie La Rose" for sure - I'll see about adding in some more accordion stuff :)

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Cool stuff! Quick question: do you speak/understand French? The lyrics to Mon amie la rose are very beautiful but sad...if by chance you needed any lyrics explained I would be happy to help you. I would also recommend anything by Faudel, a very popular French Algerian singer (just be careful you don't pick one of his political songs), maybe "Elle chante pour moi"?

...although I came to this thread a little late, did you perform already? If so, let me know how everything went! :clap: