Fusion is kind of weak. Any idea how to improve?

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Hihi everbody, thanks for the welcome!

hi maariku, I just started the first min of the song zeina from bellydance superstars vol. I. So far my teacher kind of like my choreography. I must admit that I did stolen some of Serena ramzy's moves when she taught us the workshop in july. But then again, we all have to learn isn't it? :) Hehe..

Originally I wanted to try El Soud Ayouna by moustafa...but I got stuck somehow. My fusion is kind of weak. Any idea how to improve?
My teacher suggests taking up jazz class cos she feels that it may help.


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But your name sounds Icelandic??!! Surely you are from Sneffelsjokull, or nearby hamlet. Are you fond of sheeps?

Jazz class is helpful on several levels:
1. Help your ability to count
2. Greatly improve your turns
3. Give you physical speed- most dancers need more range, lack fast
4. Give you more performing options. I just finished dance, which is fusion of lyrical and belly dance, with rumba walks to boot. Well, I bet your goose, we can place that dance in belly dance show, jazz dance show, or contemporary (modern) dance show, and it will fit!

p.s. watch out for Greek ladies here- very fun, but unpredictable. Husbands must have hands full...


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Hi! choreographing is a challenge even for seasoned dancers, so don't give up. I find success by breaking the song up into phrases, and knowing what I'm going to do for the dramatic accents first, and then choreographing around them.

Also - don't feel bad for using combinations you learned at a workshop - or even entire choreos, just don't forget to give credit to the choreographer when you perform their pieces. After all, you paid for it!
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