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So I started trawling around the internet, trying to teach myself about the career of Golden Age Egyptian singer and actress Badeaa Sadek the other day, because that's the sort of thing I do in my spare time...

My Arabic is way too weak to understand the intricacies of whatever crazy jive went down in the backstory of the clip below. (Apparently Mohammed Abdel Wahab found himself in the middle of a fight between Asmahan and Badeaa over who had the right to sing this song, and if I'm understanding correctly, the compromise was to overdub Asmahan's vocals on Badeaa's footage in the movie...?)

Anywho...while the dancing isn't much to write home about, check out the brief cut around 2:20 of a guy playing cups and saucers!

Then, in the process to trying to find a clip of another song where Badeaa is actually singing. I stumbled onto a similarly named/different song by Leila Mourad. It looks like a regular old movie clip until 3:45, then check out the special effects! (Also stick around for the crazy dancing at the end--not the kind of head slides we're used to seeing!)

Anybody know of any other dishy clips?


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Somebody had fun making that!
I remember a skit on Saturday morning back when I was a kid - dancing (real, not cartoon) tools, I remember pliers, maybe hammer and screwdriver.