Girl Code?


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Hi and thanks for your input everyone.She got the number off the Internet. I quit talking to her after talking to her and questioning her actions. We were were putting together a program with a non profit. It got increasingly annoying for various reasons all stemming from her. Being irritated with other people who are nice to her are unrealistic. Pretty sure they are just being as civil as they can be. I just have a very creepy feeling about her. While I wish I could banish her from the village, (haha) I guess I will just wait for her to move on and be on my guard.


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Instincts, gut feelings are ancient and they are usually trust worthy, but your instincts are trying to tell you something, good that you are listening. As to collaborative projects, just say you lost interest, if questioned as to why, just shrug and say you don't know, but still the interest has gone, so with no interest you can't put your best in and without that, well, it 's worthless.