Going to make my first costume!

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WARNING! This is not a costume suitable for dancing in; at least the top is not.

If you do make it, be sure to leave the bottom seams of the sleeves UNattached to the body of the shirt, and cut it with extra ease in the sleeve. Otherwise, you are going to give your audience more of a show than you bargained for the first time you raise your arms over your head -- if it's not too tight to even get them up.

I bought this pattern as my first attempt at a costume. These are the lessons I learned, glad to pass them on.

The skirt and harem pants are good patterns, though -- it's a full circle skirt but it's not done on the bias so hemming is easier.


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Which view are you referring to about the top? I really like view A !!! Maybe I could make them with a stretchy material and it would give some easy to wearing?
Thanks for your tips though!


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I've been looking for an easy way to make that simple shirt (yellow, top right corner), anyone have any?


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If you are using non stretchy fabrics make the outfit in calico or an old sheet as you may have to adjust a lot. In fact making a calico "draft' is a very good idea before you make anything. You dont have to sew the draft up properly- just tack it (or if you are very brave you can try pinning!) then move around in it remembering to lift your arms too. I love that design but had to alter quite a bit for it to fit. At least in calico you can alter and write on the pieces of fabric and indicate exactly where to adjust before you use your nice frabric. It is also a nice trial run for the sewing part(always good to rehearse before the actual thing;))
Even made in lycra some of the costume patterns do not allow for human arms or even breathing!


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If you're going to make a wee crop top like the one in this pattern (I have it too!), then I would suggest you use a lingerie pattern for a camisole or similar. I made one like this from a pattern I found in Kwik Sew, it's made in lycra and very comfortable to wear.

The other option is a pattern I found for a tribal-style choli... Turbans, Tassels and Tattoos! - American Tribal Style Belly Dance in Australia - this is great especially for practice, and I made it in stretch panne velvet.

The yellow shirt in that pattern is very easy to sew just as it is, but I would probably agree that you wouldn't wear it alone!! I would put a bra top underneath, or a sports bra crop top, as it does ride up quite a long way! Otherwise you could put elastic around the bottom hem, so it stays in place.

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Ack! I bought this pattern, too, as well as another one from the same company. :( I don't know why; I can't sew from a pattern...:wall:


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I bought the pattern, too, on sale, with no intention of ever actually using it. Some people collect Beleek china; I collect patterns. I have everything from this "belly dance" pattern to a pattern for a 1965-era gala gown in a size I haven't worn since 1965 when I was in the fifth grade. :) It is an inexpensive hobby especially when the local fabric store puts patterns on sale for 99 cents, and who knows when I might need a pattern for a circa 1810 empire waisted ball gown ?
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