Golden Age Dancers


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One can tell the difference between the dancer and the wiggler, even thought the dancer isn't allowed to dance much in that scene.

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Naima Akef was the absolute bomb! There was also another dancer whose name began with an N who was Turkish but after racking my brains I can't remember her name. It wasn't Ozel Turkbas but she was dancing around the same time.


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Soheir Zaki's great! Love her costume, and I would have kept that veil if she'd handed it to me!! :lol:


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Lydia Tsigane, a dancer in Dubai who who used to post here, made a habit of giving away her veils to young girls. Imagine the sheer romance of being handed a silk veil by this glorious dancer who looks like Esmeralda with her dark cloud of hair hand. Had such a thing ever happened to child Shanazel, she surely would've plotzed. She sent me a purple and gold khaleeji dress several years ago and I treasure it.


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I love Soheir Zaki, she's probably my favorite dancer from that time! I had never heard of Diane Webber before though.

<- *Heads to Youtube.*