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I just joined this forum. I'm a beginner when it comes to bellydancing, however it is a form of dance that I've admired and wanted to learn for years now. A while back I picked up a dvd, "Amira's Bellydance 101" and have been prcticing with that in front of a mirror. I've been reading up on classes offered in my area, unfortunately with my travel schedule, I'm not in one place long enough for full classes. I've been keeping my eye out for drop ins, but I only see those once in a blue moon. Still, everytime I watch in the mirror and see some improvement, I'm excited. Perhaps through reading on here and talking with you lovely dancers I'll be able to learn a few things and improve over time.



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Welcome to the forum Whimsy!

I'm sure you'll love it here in the forums! I certainly do. I'm glad to hear that you've started dancing, even if you don't have a teacher yet. It's always better, of course, to have a real person around to instruct you, but if that's not possible keep it up on your own! Perhaps you can try to attend a festival in your area or places that you travel to? They often have beginner classes (at least those in my area do) and then you can have someone correct your movements. My teacher is still telling me to tuck in my pelvis :) I've been dancing for a while but nevertheless I forget!

If you are looking for other BD beginner DVD's I would recommend Nourhan Sharif's "An introduction to bellydance technique." I took a technique class with her and thought that she had such clear ideas about technique , and explained them so well, that I decided to buy one of her CD's in an effort to "clean up" my technique, posture, etc.

I'm sure there are lots of other forum members that can give you more advice about beginner DVD's. I've only seen Nourhan's so I don't really have much grounds for comparison. Also I am not a BD teacher.

Enjoy the forum!


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Welcome, Whimsy, to the forum and to the lovely world of dance! I think Amira's DVD is pretty good for a beginner, but indeed, you also need some real-life instruction for feedback on the things you learn. If you can't attend regular classes, maybe you can find a teacher currently close to your location and agree on some private classes?