Gorgeous Bella for sale!


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I am selling this gorgeous bella costume. I initially saw it on Didem and fell in love with it, so I ordered the same from Bella.

Here s the costume in action: YouTube - Didem Turkish Bellydancer

The costume comes with arms bands, veil, necklace, bra, skirt.
Bra: 34C or 36B

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Ooh that's pretty, won't fit me though. As I am in the process of ordering from Bella for the first time (one... maybe two cossies on the way:D) I hope somebody will be as excited for this one!!!

Very enjoyable clip of Didem by the way and cool to see the costume in action. :)

Hope it finds a good home, good luck!


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Thanks, it's a pretty piece by bella for sure. The only difference is that mine is actually crossed in the back. In the video towards the end you can see Didem putting the straps of the bras back in place as it's falling. So I ordered a crossed bra to avoid that :D