Greetings from a slave


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Greetings All :)

i feel i have to explain myself a little before going any further. i live in the alternative lifestyle some may call it a kink, some may bash me for my decision in leading my life this way.

i do not wish to argue with anyone as that will only be wasting both theirs and my time. i come into this forum only to learn a little about this form of dance.

slave kara (A)


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Welcome to the forum, kara. I think I speak for most of us here when I say that we are here to talk and learn about the dance and the culture, not to butt into others' private lifestyle choices.



Hello Kara,

since one of the rules of the forum is that topics be on topic (dances from and inspired by the Near and Middle East) there's not necessarily a lot of sharing of lifestyles - unless it's related to Oriental dance of course :) So if you've come to chat about dance, you are in the right spot.

chryssanthi sahar

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Hello Kara.

Welcome to the forum. Don't worry about how we would see your lifestyle, it is your private matter and all active people in this forum are very tolerant;)


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Thank you for your kind and warm welcome, being in the alternative lifestyle i have wandered into places which have plainlysaid they do not wish to talk to people like myself. So i was abit jubious as to what to say. But thank you :D


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I don't see that it is anyone's business, really. I am not sure why you would march in, and by mater of introduction share something so personal and irrelevant to the topic at hand. It sends a strange first impression message.

If you want to talk about dance, let's talk dance. But we don't need to know the personal details that are unrelated, nor does anyone else. It's not their business. And I suspect you would have a warmer welcome wherever you went if you didn't feel it necessary to make such an announcement, apropos of nothing. Food for thought.


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Welcome to the forum, I'm an East Midlander too (Long Eaton but I spend a lot of time in Nottingham). I know of just about every class that you can take in these parts, and I'm in the lifestyle, so I'd be happy to help if you've got any questions.


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Welcome in this great forum for oriental dance.
Enjoy reading and posting.
So what is your connection with oriental dance?
Dancer? Teacher? Musician? fan of the dance?

Maria Aya Greece:)